The Tappan Zee

Steve Burns | October 21st, 2011 - 5:40 pm

Looking north on the Tappan Zee. Piermont, NY

The other evening I ended up out on the Pier in Piermont, NY.  Formerly it was owned by Erie Railroad and is often referred to as the Long Pier.  Currently owned by the walkers, joggers, striped bass fishermen, the birds and the rest of nature; it’s an area that I like to walk often.   The light, there is always changing.  At times the views  remind me of the big spaces, or big skies I knew while living out west.  At others times I see mostly the smaller details of the place.  Either way spending some time there is always a treat I look forward to.

The view above view is of a favorite tree of mine looking north on the Tappan Zee.  It was about 6:00pm with a fairly strong south west wind which was moving these outrageously beautiful clouds over the the water.   In order to capture what I was feeling while I looked at this scene it required using a 20 second exposure.

Photography is so much about expressing visually what we are feeling.

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