Fourteen, The New Sixteen

Steve Burns | December 2nd, 2011 - 10:36 pm

Fourteen is now the new sixteen. Leonard Cohen is on the radio, Haagen-Dazs and Fair Trade are running through my veins, and I’m enjoying it. Just finished re-skinning my fathers old Mamiyaflex with red cameraleather, and it hit me. Do you remember when you used to run down to the local store and grab a container of coffee and a container of ice cream to fix a craving? Yeah of course you do, well some of us do, but that’s another story. At that time we called them a pint of ice cream and a pound of coffee. Well after all of these years it really, really just hit me that the new sixteen is now fourteen. That’s right 14 ounces to the pound and 14 ounces to the pint. Better watch out or the dollar will also be another “14” if we are not careful.

Yummy that chocolate and coffee are sure still good in spite of it…

Now I have to get this bad boy out and about, giving it a life again.

Can’t wait!  And the ASA goes all the way up to a “reminder” on a dial of 400… Yeah!

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