Steve & Walkabout

Welcome to my personal blog site Walkabout.  I’m Steve Burns.  I work as a photographer and currently live in the New York Metro area.

A “Walkabout” traditionally refers to a rite of passage of male Australian Aborigines; who would undergo a spiritual journey during their adolescence and live in the wilderness for an extended period of time.  It is a part of their journey of discovery and growth in life.

I will be using Walkabout as a means to share with you some of my discoveries and journey through life as a photographer. For the most part it will be my visual description of that journey, which for me has been a rite of passage and growth.

I picked up a camera of my own for the first time when I was thirteen, purchasing it with monies earned from a paper route I had at the time.  Unfortunately its life lasted but a few short weeks, ending one day when I took it apart to see if I could make it work better. Needless to say it never worked again.

Eight years later, while living in Aspen, CO I was moved by some of the work I’d seen of Paul Chesley.  Within days I had purchased my next camera and I was off on my visual walkabout. Since that day my journeys  with a camera have continued.  I’ve used a camera as a means of visual discovery.  They’ve been license to go where I might have not gone otherwise.  They’ve opened many doors for me; allowing experiences I may not have had otherwise.

Commercially I use a camera for the execution of commissioned work in the corporate, and wedding fields.  Personally I use one to explore the world around me.  As such I try to carry one with me at all times.

I’m grateful for what has been my “walkabout” through life, and would like to share some of that with you.